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  • Name - this will appear in the podcasts platforms as the podcast name. 

  • Category - this category will be associated with your podcast or show. Select the category that best reflects the content of your podcast. You can choose multiple values.

  • Description - a short paragraph describing your podcast to potential listeners. TIP: keep it short and SEO optimized. This is required in order to appear as a recommended podcast in Google Podcasts. 

  • Author name - The creator/ publisher of the podcast.

  • Author email - The creator / publisher’s email. This be used for queries and validations.

  • Image - Add a cover image for the podcast. You should include a title, brand, orsource name as part of your podcast artwork. Image size should be min.1400x1400 to 3000x3000.

  • Explicit - Check to indicate this content is not suitable for kids under the age of 13.

1. Go to the CMS tab,

and create a Channel

  •  Channel - Connect the audio content to a channel

  •  Title - Type the title of the content. This is public and some platforms cap it with255 characters.

  • Description - Type the description of this content. This is public and users will be exposed to it. Tip: keep it short and SEO optimized.

  • Language - indicates the podcast/ language 

  • Tags - Add the tags associated with this content. The tags help your audio

  • content to be more organized and help you create a playlist with specific audio files easily. 

  •  Content - there are 2 options: 

    • Upload a file

    • Link - insert a direct link to the mp3 audio content

2. After you create a channel, create audio files

  • Name - Insert a playlist’s name for internal use.

  • Channel - Connect a channel

  • Tags - you can select tags to filter the channel by the audio having the same tags. 

  • Order by - Select what will be the files order of appearance - by oldest to newest (and vice versa), alphabetic order, or most played content. 

  • Language - Only content with a selected language will be included in the playlist.

  • Content URL - The website associated with the content. Typically, a homepage for the content or the general home page of the site.

Now you can create a playlist.

The playlist filters the audio by using language and tags.

Go to the playlist screen and click on the export button. Copy the RSS link and continue with your favorite podcast platform: [ RSS feed is a standardized web feed format used to publish frequently updated content, such as podcasts.] 

When the playlist is ready, you can share it with the world!

Before you can submit your podcast, make sure you have a Spotify account.

If you don’t have an account, create one here. 

First phase: Submit your RSS feed to Spotify Podcasts
1. Click Get Started.
2. Paste in the link to your podcast's RSS feed.
3. Add podcast info like the category, language, and country.
4. Review the details and submit.
For more information - visit Spotify podcast here


Second phase: Add your Spotify Podcasts listing to your Trinity Audio account:

1. Log in to your Spotify account again and go to the Catalogue Section.
2. Select your podcast and select the "Share" tab.
3. Copy the "Podcast Link".
4. Paste in your Spotify URL in the Spotify field.

Apple podcast
Before you can submit your podcast, make sure you have an Apple Podcasts
Connect account. If you don’t have an account, sign in here to create one. 


First step: Manual validation for RSS feeds To validate your show, follow these steps: 
1. Within Podcasts, click the Add (+) button and select New Show.
2. Select “Add existing show (RSS feed)” and enter the RSS feed URL.
3. Select Add.
4. Review your show information - the artwork, your show and episode metadata, such as title, author name, description, language, and category.
5. If ready, select Submit for Review.

Review and fix any validation warnings or errors, if applicable. Then, select
Submit for Review again. If your feed validates successfully, Apple Podcasts
Connect will submit your show to Apple for review.
For more information - visit Apple podcast here


Second step: Add your Apple Podcasts listing to your Trinity Audio account:
1. You should see your listing look something like the below screenshot,
with a similar URL structure.
2. Click Copy to copy your Apple Podcasts URL
3. Go back to your Trinity Audio playlist share page
4. Paste in your Apple Podcasts URL in the Apple Podcasts field.

Google podcast
First step: Submit your RSS feed to Google Podcasts

To start, here are the basic steps you’ll need to follow:
1. Visit the Google Play Podcast Portal
2. Click the “Add A Podcast” Button
3. Paste in your podcast’s RSS feed URL
4. Click “Submit RSS Feed”
5. Verify Ownership (uses email in RSS feed)
6. Review your podcast info
7. Click “Publish Podcast”
8. Wait For Approval
For more information - visit Google podcast here


Second step: Add your Google Podcasts listing to your Trinity Audio account:
1. Once your podcast is active, you can head to Google Podcasts Manager
2. Go to Settings, and click Share podcast
3. Click the Copy to clipboard button to copy your Google Podcasts URL
4. Go back to your Trinity Audio playlist share page
5. Paste in your Google Podcasts URL in the Google Podcasts field.


Amazon Alexa 


Updating playlist/ channel/ audio 
This can take a few hours to update, because of the platform's caching.  


Feel free to contact our support team with any questions you might have

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