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Keeping and interpreting financial records is a huge responsibility - one that we can make a little bit easier.

You see, we do our own bit of crunching numbers (in a way) by effortlessly turning your accounting documents into audio and enabling your team members to revel in the joys of convenience - consume content on the go while multitasking.

That’s where audio AI comes into play. 

Trinity Audio’s ai text-to-speech technology and speaking styles, specifically developed for long-form audio content, enables you to not only make your content more engaging, but you will also increase the chances that it will be consumed as it will be available to your employees and clients whenever they are, no matter what they are also doing at the moment.

  • Create the perfect listening experience with multiple languages, voices and accents, full editorial and quality control, and all in minimum time and cost.  

  • Empower interns currently drowning in CPA study material by giving them the ability to listen to it.

  • Provide the entire team audio versions of legal accounting regulations or relevant court decisions to keep everyone up-to-date.

  • Circulate internal documents for teams to review while their eyes are busy with something else.

  • Increase engagement as well as consumption by making your blog available via audio and developing more meaningful connections with your clients.

Start creating audio experiences

Leverage Trinity Audio’s groovy suite of products and solutions for an even better listening experience:

Trinity Octopus

Our hybrid editor is so much more than an editor: convert your text to audio, edit it to the finest details, and then distribute it at a massive scale.

Trinity Splash

A modular unit (elements can be presented individually) that distributes your content via top streaming audio platforms and voice assistants.

Trinity Player

 our native audio player that allows you to convert all your content into audio in just a few clicks.

Trinity Pulse

 A separate unit that displays bursts of your top trending audio content alongside popular podcasts and radio shows from across the web.

Trinity Cast

A version of Trinity Player that refers users to all of your audio content and supports playlists and subscriptions to your audio content on various platforms.

Branded Player

An upgraded version of the Trinity Player that adds the element of native display advertising within the player, complete with the brand’s visual styling.

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