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As listening remains one of the most popular digital activities, audio presents various opportunities for publishers and content creators to effectively monetize this user behavior.


From programmatic audio advertising to branded products, publishers and content creators of all shapes and sizes can take advantage of this audio-friendly environment and add a new monetization layer to their content.

Audio as a new revenue stream
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Audio Ads

Take advantage of the momentum and reach highly targeted and unique listeners with audio advertising.


  • Programmatic audio ads -  automated insertion of ads in audio content at the right time and context, and to the right people.

  • Direct ads -  add your produced audio ads to the AI audiofied content. 

  • Sponsorships AI ads (via direct campaigns) - Create a podcast-like feeling with AI-voiced native audio ads.

Display Ad Audio Player

Take your monetization tactics up a notch and earn revenue via a potent mix of an audio player, a display banner, and audio advertising - while increasing user engagement.


Fully utilize your website’s real estate and traffic by having the audio player turn into a display banner.

  • AI learning algorithm will optimize the timing and relevant audience for the display ad.

  • The player turns into a display banner after 7 to 10 seconds when not clicked on

  • Create your own sponsored message

  • Customizable CTA leading to a landing page

Branded Player

The perfect mix of branding, advertising, and audio content that turns the player into an enhanced display ad to boost user engagement and improve the user experience at the same time.


  • 2 audio messages - a sponsorship ad and a mid-roll ad, to deliver your message in a podcast manner.

  • No production costs for audio ads.

  • Create your own sponsored message.

  • Clickable branded logo.

  • Customizable CTA leading to a landing page.

  • Performance tracking and statistics.

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