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Hear Hear!

Allow us to let you in on a little secret

Reading is a deliberate effort, where listening is more of an experience.

That’s one of the major reasons why eardrums are taking over from eyeballs when it comes to content consumption. 

We’re not saying you should ditch text altogether - that would be silly. We’re talking about enriching it by giving your faithful readers something they already do: listen to your content. 

That’s where audio AI comes into play. 

Trinity Audio’s text-to-speech technology and speaking styles, specifically developed for long-form audio content, enable you to create an audiobook much quicker than the standard way book publishers have been creating it so far. Your readers can now access a much wider range of your audiobooks faster than before while maintaining the quality of the audio.

  • Set different voices, styles, and reading speeds for different parts of the content.

  • Natural pauses between paragraphs, as well as dialogs between different characters.

  • Convert it to multiple languages.

  • Significant decrease in time and production costs.

  • Possibility to fine-tune listening on a granular level (i.e. every letter).

  • Ability to scale your content and reach more audiences.

Then, it’s on to our suite of products and solutions to create the best possible audio experience

Trinity Octopus

Our hybrid editor that is so much more than an editor: convert your text to audio, edit it to the finest details, and then distribute it at a massive scale.

Trinity Splash

A modular unit (elements can be presented individually) that distributes your content via top streaming audio platforms and voice assistants.

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