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The Beginning

Trinity Audio was formed when a group of avid content technology experts got together around one goal: to help every piece of amazing content reach as many people as possible, in the form of audio. The company was spun off Somoto - a publicly-traded company that centers around distribution and monetization - and immediately implemented its existing knowledge and capabilities to develop its flagship product that helps content publishers and creators to effortlessly turn their content into audio.

The Rise

As more publishers got on the Trinity train, more tools were developed in a collaborative effort to create unique audio experiences for their audience: voice editing, content discovery, virtual assistant skills, data dashboard, all tailored for and by leading publishers and content creators.

The Future

The world is going audio, and we are building the spaceship that will take all of the magnificent content created around the world and turn it into the world’s largest audio library, for consumers everywhere to enjoy.

About us
Hear The Story of Trinity Audio


Yehoshua Abramovich

Assaf Itshayek


Ron Jaworski


Shay Meghnagi


Oren Liberman


Shlomi Sutton

Head of Partnerships

& Customer Success

Or Shaltiel

US General Manager

Ami Solow

Finance Controller

Ortal Samia


Anat Mann

Fullstack Team Leader

Alex (Oleksiy) Ivasyuv

Product Manager

Lihi Chapel


Ron Lanir

Data Team Leader

Volodymyr Tatianchuk

Fullstack Team Leader

Yarema Yurchyshyn

Fullstack Developer

Vitalii Makarets

Fullstack Developer

Dmytro Horbatko

Fullstack Developer

Kostyantyn Balanov

Professional Services Engineer

Nazar Ptashynskyi

Professional Services Engineer

Olesia Droniyk

Our Team

Donald Buckley

Advisory Board


Think big, think far, stay focused


Do things your way, lead with uniqueness


Be an expert in your field.

Actually, be the leader in your field.


When you do what you love, it shows.

We work best with companies 

that share our values:

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