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Trinity Pulse

Provide an amplified experience of your top trending audio content, featured as an engaging playlist on your website

Smart content recommendations
Multiple designs and sizes
Simple integration 

Go a step further and extend the experience with our related solutions

The same one-and-done/plug-and-play approach: embed a small piece of code in your website and you’re good to go. With simple and highly configurable integration, the Pulse is a standalone unit that can be used independently or in conjunction with other Trinity Audio products.

Trinity Splash

A modular unit (elements can be presented individually) that distributes your content via top streaming audio platforms and voice assistants.

How it works

An improved user experience

Your own website’s radio-like station.

Extended reach

More of your content distributed across your digital real estate.

Direct impact on revenue

Audiences will spend more time consuming your content.

A story-like way to engage your audience

Create curated playlists.

Provide smart audio experiences

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