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Trinity Player

Convert all your content into audio in just a few clicks. The Trinity Player is the standard and beloved entry point to the audio journey.

Customize to your site’s look and feel
Only relevant text
(automatic screening of texts such as site menus, ads, etc)
Real-time audio conversion
Low production costs
Seamless integration
Instant translation

Go a step further and extend the experience with our related solutions


Embed a small piece of code in your website and within seconds, all your textual content will be converted into audio - including every new piece you publish from that point on!

Classic Player

Expanded Player

Trinity Pulse

 A separate unit that displays bursts of your top trending audio content alongside popular podcasts and radio shows from across the web.

Trinity Cast

A version of Trinity Player that refers users to all of your audio content and supports playlists and subscriptions to your audio content on various platforms.

Trinity Octopus

Can work independently or in conjunction with the Player. Use it to edit your content to the finest details and share it with clients/peers or distribute it across the web.

Branded Player

An upgraded version of the Trinity Player that adds the element of native display advertising within the player, complete with the brand’s visual styling.

Trinity Splash

A modular unit (elements can be presented individually) that distributes your content via top streaming audio platforms and voice assistants.

How it works

Provide smart audio experiences

Give your audiences what they want 

The ability to listen to your content on the go, while driving, exercising, multitasking, and more.

Help them consume it

Provide it in the native language they’re most comfortable with (it’s a small world after all!)

Make it easy to find

Unlock the gateway to broader distribution in the audio landscape.

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