• Ron Jaworski

It's a whole new world (of audio experiences)

Back in February 2019, when I started writing this blog, two words were at the center of it:

audio revolution.

The media world was undergoing a rapid expansion to the eardrums, getting to know and embrace an innovative way to connect with its audiences on a more personal and intimate level. More and more people embraced the on-the-go model of doing things, shifting how they consume their content.

I’ve been fortunate to witness firsthand this amazing, transformative change and be an active part of creating an entirely new world of audio experiences.

In this ever-evolving audio world, every format, platform, and device has a role in forging deeper and more meaningful relationships.

These days, content creators of all shapes and sizes are focusing on creating engaging audio content that perfectly aligns with their audience’s daily media habits, distributing it smartly and reaching more people where they’re at - listening.

How audio journeys have evolved

In these times of efficiency where most of us are accustomed to doing multiple tasks at once, it was imperative for publishers and brands to provide their audiences the ability to listen to their content, thus kickstarting their audio journey.

A text-to-speech solution was and still is the logical first step to getting the show on the road. It’s simple to integrate, cheap, and highly customizable and scalable thanks to the inherent AI element. The end result is a native listening experience that is in line with the current needs of a growing audience of listeners.

On a side note, TTS is also the easiest and simplest solution to identify if your audience is interested in audio content in the first place.

It’s very easy to test it out and feel the pulse, so to speak. If the sentiment is a positive one, which it usually is, it’s a straightforward path from there to build on that foundation by gradually increasing the pace and creating an entire universe of audio experiences. Because once you enter the audio world, that’s where things get really interesting.

With the reality of a pandemic looming over us, media behaviors have evolved. Most of the media industry was expecting to see sharp drop-offs in time spent listening because the commute, one of the favorite listening times, practically disappeared overnight.

Instead, audiences came back. In fact, time spent with digital audio actually increased 8.3% to 1 hour and 36 minutes per day. That strong listening bond will be reinforced by adding three more minutes to daily consumption in the next two years.