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McCann Tech and Trinity Audio bring Tech brands Value using ACDP – Audio Content Discovery Pla

Updated: Nov 29, 2021

Every once in a while, I get to express my opinions on the thing I love and am fortunate to make a business out of – audio.

This writing exercise is a bit special because we’ve launched a collaboration with McCann Tech, one of Israel’s premier brand agencies.

As a direct result of the collaboration, McCann Tech’s customers will be able to enjoy a variety of audio content and services. Perhaps the most important novelty is the ability to repurpose all of the existing marketing textual content (e.g. blog posts, announcements, collaterals) into audio and integrate it naturally as a part of playlists of listeners across Trinity Audio’s inventory of over 500 publishers across the globe.

How it works

The gist is native marketing and advertising via audio. For example, when someone is listening through their daily news updates and is mainly interested in technology, a tech brand’s marketing collateral can be added to their playlist in a contextual and native way.

At the core is our text-to-speech solution that converts textual content into audio in real time. From there on, our powerful AI algorithms take over in distributing the content to relevant audiences. Audio file’s metadata holds relevant keywords (as does any text attached to the content) as a way of identifying the content and finding the relevant playlist match. This acts as a basis for AI-powered insertion into the audio feeds.

Besides marketing content, brands also have an option to advertise natively and contextually in Trinity Audio’s vast network of publishers. There is a variety of data points available such as demographics, user behavior, geolocation, interests, and others that facilitate a granular targeting.

Why ACDP is important

ACDP is a concerted effort to add more intrinsic value to the growing audio ecosystem. I am happy to report that through this collaboration, it’s becoming possible to take advantage of audio’s features for marketing and advertising efforts.

We need to look at the big picture:

audio content, in any form, can no longer be considered an optional addition to the overall media strategy.

With listening and listenership increasing each year, there are fewer and fewer arguments as to why audio shouldn’t play a bigger (perhaps even central, in some cases) role in any forward-thinking business strategy. Those that do think of audio as more of an afterthought are at serious risk of falling behind.

I know for a fact that McCann is one of those companies that has always maintained the notion that brands can be assets on their own. With audio touching so many aspects of daily life and our joint expertise in innovation and technology, we used the current audio revolution as the catalyst for building and maintaining even stronger relationships.

“We’re excited about the ability to help our customers join the audio revolution that’s going on these days,” said Shai Almagor, McCann Tech CEO. “This is an important step that will enable companies to make their marketing content accessible via audio, and to reach new audiences in a more effective way.”

I, for one, am happy to be in a position to collaborate with such a dominant group in the Israeli Tech landscape, and beyond. These are the days of a true revolution in the world of audio and voice, as audio consumption via podcasts, audiobooks, and smart assistants are booming. The ability to help companies convert their textual content to audio, and to enable discovery of new (but familiar) formats of content, is nothing short of amazing and equally exciting.

It’s what makes this industry exceptional and what we do worthwhile – and then some.

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