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The top audio and voice-first industry podcasts

Updated: Feb 10, 2022

One thing we’re not missing in this world is quality podcasts, especially when it comes to topics relating to audio content and voice-first developments

With the continued growth in listening and further proliferation of podcasts, it’s hard to keep track of them all. So, here is my humble effort to collect all of the relevant active podcasts that discuss these two topics, and my two cents on why you should check them out if you haven't already.


Despite living and breathing the industry, there is always the chance I may have missed one or a few podcasts on the topic. If that’s the case, feel free to hit me up on Twitter - I’ll be glad to add your input.


Audio is a broad category but for the most part, the focus here is on the digital side of audio in media terms: content, advertising, and such.

In alphabetical order, hear (yeah that typo is intended) goes:

All Things Audio

A weekly podcast recorded live on Twitter Spaces every Wednesday at 3pm ET / 8pm BST. Twitter marketing expert Madalyn Sklar and voice tech and audio specialist Suze Cooper, talk about the week's developments in social audio.

Why you should listen: Because the podcast is recorded live on Twitter Spaces, it has an open mic part where other people can chime in on the week’s hot topic. As a result, the podcast feels a bit more interactive and definitely richer as more opinions are presented.

Audio Branding

Keeping a consistent sound in how you present your company really is the "hidden gem" of marketing. But audio or sonic branding influences us in many different ways and in many different places within our lives. I'll be exploring that here, both with my own observations and by interviewing knowledgeable professionals in the field of advertising, marketing, music and science.

Why you should listen: Jodi Krangle, a professional voice-over talent, dissects the audio and sonic branding landscape to the smallest details. With expert guests who share their thoughts and experiences, there are plenty of fascinating insights about how sound shapes us in every form.

Bixby Developers Chat

Are you a voice developer or designer? Are you excited about the future of voice? Are you curious about an ambient computing future where our TV's, appliances, watches, phones, and more can talk with you to create new experiences? Join us on the Bixby Developers Chat to learn about Bixby and conversational AI. Join host Roger Kibbe as he talks with guests about voice, AI, Bixby, technology innovation and where the exciting Voice industry is going.

Why you should listen: Contrary to its name, the podcast is not solely centered around Samsung’s voice assistant. Each new episode features a top-notch guest, thus effectively covering every layer of voice experience and picturing an ever-closer vision of voice technology through lively and personal conversations.

Future Ear Radio

Frequent updates on the developing worlds of hearing tech, hearing health, consumer audio and voice technology. Guests of the show include experts with backgrounds in audiology, consumer technology, audio, voice tech, biometric monitoring, and more. The goal of Future Ear Radio is to connect the trends converging around our ears.

Why you should listen: Simply put, Dave Kemp hosts the go-to podcast of the hearing tech world. If you’re pining for information about innovation in hearables and voice tech, this is the podcast to listen to.

Sound in Marketing

There is a whole world of opportunity in marketing that has not yet been fully realized; sound. I break it down and share what I find fascinating and useful so that you can better market your products and brands.

Why you should listen: Topic close to my heart, Jeanna Isham breaks down this untapped world of marketing opportunities in sound. In 15 to 20-minute episodes, she and her guests share fascinating bits of information that are bound to be useful to brands and businesses looking to find a new edge.

Talking Shop

A weekly podcast hosted by Vixen Labs CEO James Poulter and unpacking the latest trends in voice technology and consumer attitudes towards voice assistants across the board—smart speakers, mobile, web search—in the UK, US and Germany.

Are you curious about how voice works in marketing? With 60% of people across all surveyed markets being voice users, it’s becoming increasingly clear that voice is a valuable marketing tool that should become a part of every brand’s strategy right now.

Why you should listen: For starters, there is no shortage of actionable insights from this new podcast. Top experts in the field try to demystify consumer behavior and show how the power of voice technology is something more businesses should investigate, just as you should do with this podcast.

The Artificial Podcast

The Artificial Podcast is a weekly podcast series that breaks down trending topics in the world of emerging technology. Our goal is to help everyone understand how emerging technologies like Artificial Intelligence, Voice, Blockchain, IoT, Robotics, Space Tech, and many more are impacting our lives each and every day. We also interview emerging technology leaders and experts from around the world who are actively working with these technologies to ensure that they help us make life better for every human being on Earth.

Why you should listen: Nick Myers delves deep into the world of artificial intelligence, with voice-first being one of the recurring topics. Other segments besides voice-first are explored, usually with guests from respective industries. So if you’re a fan of emerging tech driven by advancements in AI, tune in.

The Conversation Design Podcast

A podcast about conversation design, voice UX and chatbot design. Every month, we talk with experts in the field about their creative process, their background, their insights, and their challenges. If you are thinking about designing a voice interface, a chatbot, or if you are simply interested, this is the right place to be.

Why you should listen: The description pretty much sums up everything you need to know about this podcast: discussions about the synthesis of several design disciplines that make for a more human-centered design, its blend in marketing, advertising, and more.

The Future is Spoken

The Future is Spoken is a voice tech podcast covering all aspects of voice tech, from conversational strategy and design, through to interfaces, analytics, ethics, privacy, and career planning. The Future is Spoken is the podcast for the Digital Assistant Academy. The Academy is an online learning centre offering courses in voice tech.

Why you should listen: Shyamala Prayaga leads meaningful conversations, exploring various issues, challenges, and use cases that cover every aspect of voice technology. Regardless of what your specific interest in voice is, there is something for everyone here.

The Sonic Voices Multicast

The Sonic Voices Multicast is a monthly podcast that lets listeners hear what several pioneers in the field of human language technology, voice first, audio, sonic branding, and other adjacent specialties, are up to. Each pioneer will speak for about 1 to 3 minutes to fill in the audience on what they are doing and thinking about as they push forward with building for a new emerging Sonic world.

Why you should listen: The latest product from the Witlingo kitchen, this new concept of podcasting offers a more straightforward stream of information that, if anything, only adds to the value of the inputs from speakers. As of the time of writing, only two episodes were published but it’s already an enjoyable experience.

The Voice CEO: Beyond Voice

A look into the minds of industry professionals and thought leaders and how they are thinking about and approaching voice technology today. One question, minutes to answer. Timeless insights.

Why you should listen: The description perfectly encapsulates the fresh approach Jose Cotto takes in his microcast, which allows a narrow focus on a singular topic. It works, plus the episodes are easily consumable as they are short.

The Voice of Healthcare

The Voice of Healthcare explores the growing impact of technology in healthcare (e.g., AI, voice-first, telehealth, venture capital). Co-hosted by Dr. Matt Cybulsky and Dr. Reid Maclellan; executive produced by Bradley Metrock. Communicating insightful expertise at the nexus of healthcare and technological advances in the global community, we cheerfully showcase instrumental, influential, and innovative ideas and experts who are moving mountains with their grit, curiosity, and vision.

Why you should listen: Healthcare is one of the industries where voice tech is making major inroads, and The Voice of Healthcare does an amazing job portraying how cutting-edge technology is impacting the field on a global scale.

The Voicebot Podcast

The Voicebot Podcast provides weekly in-depth coverage of the voice and AI industries. We interview the startup founders, voice and AI technology experts, VCs, linguists, scientists and even executives from the large companies moving the space forward. Voice assistant consumer adoption of Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant, Apple Siri and more are covered in depth. Join us.

Why you should listen: For many, myself included, this is THE voice-first podcast to listen to. Hosted by Bret Kinsella, the podcast is a part of the much larger Voicebot ecosystem that covers relevant news and provides commentary, research, and analysis of voice technology and artificial intelligence. In other words - a league of its own in terms of broad knowledge on voice AI and related domains.

This Week In Voice

Each week's most relevant and interesting news stories in voice technology, discussed by a panel of experts. Hosted by Bradley Metrock (CEO, Score Publishing) and part of the VoiceFirst.FM podcast network.

Why you should listen: The episode’s format offers something different and fresh through discussion of the week’s multiple news in voice technology and conversational AI with the industry’s finest. It works really well as you get to hear insightful and compelling commentary on the latest voice-related developments.

Two Voice Devs

Mark and Allen talk about the latest news in the VoiceFirst world from a developer point of view.

Why you should listen: From developers to developers, for the most part, Mark Tucker and Allen Firstenberg go through a wide range of technical subjects related to voice-first applications. This will likely have a limited appeal to a broader audience but is informative nonetheless.

Voice in Canada Podcast

In this weekly podcast, Teri Fisher from Voice in Canada and The Voice Den, reveals all of his top Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant, Apple Siri, Microsoft Cortana, Samsung Bixby, and other smart speaker strategies, skills, actions, capsules, shortcuts, news, power tips and tricks for Canadians. Discover how you can get the most out of your conversational AI voice first service so you can have the time and freedom to make your life more organized, relaxed, stress-free, entertaining, and fun!

Why you should listen: Teri interviews top leaders (Voicefluencers, as he calls them) in the industry, discussing everything from voice-powered hardware to natural language processing and everything in between. The idea is to offer a better understanding of voice assistants, and Teri certainly delivers.

Voice in Education

Weekly information updated to talk about the intersection of voice and education. How, when, where, what should educators be doing with voice assistants? How is this emerging technology showing promise for educational integration?

Why you should listen: The intersection of voice tech and education is an interesting one, as it creates meaningful opportunities for teaching and learning. If your interest lies in this field, you’ll love this flash briefing hosted by Julie Daniel Davis.

Voice on Voice

Each week the team at RAIN curates and shares the most important news on voice culled from leading publications in the technology and innovation space. From new platform features to tech company developments and acquisitions, we take a broad view to help you stay informed. If you’re looking for cutting edge insight on conversational AI, this is the podcast briefing for you.

Why you should listen: Not quite a podcast but more of an audio newsletter that is still worth checking out. The episodes/flash briefings are mostly under 5 minutes, which makes Voice on Voice ideal for those who want to get the latest on all things voice tech in short sessions.

Voice Spark Live

This podcast will provide you with helpful tips on how to use your Smart Speaker. It will also provide reviews of Alexa skills, devices, and developer tips to help you navigate the voice first world. Our guests are picked from leaders in the Voice Sector and those who have adopted voice into their brands or life.

Why you should listen: Voice Spark Live offers a slightly different approach with its trio of hosts - Nick, Ben, and Emily. There is more focus on Alexa skills (especially games) and practical uses than you’ll find elsewhere, and the playful banter between the three and their guests makes the podcast that more charming and entertaining.

Voice Tech Podcast

Listen to conversations with voice technology experts, and boost your knowledge and technical skills. Learn from #voicefirst professionals about voice interfaces, voice assistants, chatbots, alexa, machine learning, data science and AI.

Why you should listen: Hosted by Carl Robinson, the podcast often veers into highly technical issues with its guest voice tech professionals. Don’t worry, the podcast is well worth a listen as it effectively offers a ‘below the hood’ look and a deeper understanding of the underlying technologies.

Voice This!

Voice This! is a podcast by Voice Tech Global educating novice practitioners on the world of conversational AI through the voices of the greats with Millani Jayasingkam.

Why you should listen: Human-like interactions between computers and humans are all the rage these days, and the podcast does a great job of getting various conversational technologies closer to the audience, particularly if you’re hungry to learn about different applications of conversational AI.

VUX World

VUX World brings the brightest minds from the world’s most innovative companies, all of whom are pushing the boundaries of voice AI, conversational AI, and NLP technologies, to share insights, learnings and guidance that helps business executives and teams create the future of AI-driven customer experience.

We educate business leaders and teams on why and how AI technologies are revolutionising the way consumers engage with businesses and the internet, why that matters and how to implement it properly.

Why you should listen: The host Kane Simms likes to get to the nitty-gritty of voice and conversational AI, which routinely makes for fascinating conversations with his guests. As the focus is on AI-driven customer experience, there is no shortage of actionable insights on how AI tech is changing the way customers engage with businesses. Highly educational, if I may say so.

Honorable mentions

While not strictly in podcast form, some shows and events are too good to overlook due to the wealth of insights they bring. These include:

  • Voice Lunch - what started as an informal meeting on Zoom turned into one of the most respectable gatherings of like-minded voice experts and enthusiasts in the world. If you have some time to spare on Tuesdays, make sure to check out Voice Lunch.

  • VOICE Talks - the spiritual successor of Inside VOICE, VOICE Talks is a Webby Award-winning talk show featuring leaders and influencers from across the voice tech industry. For anyone applying voice to their brand or business, this YouTube-hosted show is a must-watch.

There you have it, plenty of quality podcasts to listen to. In the meantime, I’ll try to update the list as often as possible.

Viva la audio revolution!

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