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  • Oren Liberman

Wordpress Plugin: Manage posts in bulk


In this manual, we’ll walk you through how to update your posts and control which ones would have the player on. If any questions arise, don’t hesitate to reach out to our team at and we’ll make sure to help out.

Updating based on publish date

1. Click "Post Management":

2. Click the "Enable on all posts published After / Before Date" field.

3. Click this dropdown.

4. Choose Before or After.

5. Click this date field.

6. Choose the relevant date.

7. Click "SUBMIT".

Selecting posts manually

Step by step instructions

1. Click "Post Management".

2. Click the "Manually choose the posts to enable the player on" field.

3. Click "SUBMIT".

4. Select relevant posts.

5. Click the "Bulk Actions" dropdown.

6. Choose "Enable Trinity Audio".

7. Click the "Apply" button.

8. Click the "All posts" dropdown.

9. Choose "Trinity Audio disabled".

10. Click the "Filter" button.

11. Select relevant posts and go back to step 6.

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