• Ron Jaworski

AI-voiced native audio ads - the next frontier in audio advertising

In 2021, digital audio advertising continued gaining momentum, registering an impressive growth of 16% over 2020. In dollars, that would roughly be $5.59 billion being spent on digital audio services ads.

The ever-present screen fatigue and visual oversaturation mean the ability to connect with an audience in an authentic, immersive, and contextually relevant way is more valuable by the day.

With audio, publishers and advertisers can leverage a wide range of formats suitable for every use case. In turn, this allows for a more personalized connection and greater user experience at almost every consumer touchpoint.

The breadth of possibilities opened by constant connectivity means there are more and more opportunities to reach out to audiences whenever and wherever they are.

These are all the reasons why I believe native audio ads entirely driven by artificial voices are the next big thing in audio advertising.

For advertisers, there are three major advantages that native audio AI ads have:

  1. Being native and seamless

  2. The ability to scale

  3. Significantly reduced cost production

Here’s what I mean by that.

Native is in the ear of the listener

Native ads perform better.

It’s not news that audio ads in podcasts are knocking the audio ball out of the auditorium.

Native AI ads are taking that to the future.

How do I know?

Because recently we’ve launched the first-ever audio AI ad campaign, together with our partners at McClatchy, and have registered incredible results.

The campaign featured both pre-roll and mid-roll spots alongside automatically generated audio content of a story, and:

  • mid-roll ads had a completion rate of 75%;

  • pre-roll ads had an over 99% completion rate!

When is the last time you saw or heard that happen in advertising?