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How to advertise during corona (Not if)

Updated: Nov 29, 2021

Riffing off on some thoughts about advertising in these days of uncertainty and global crisis.

I think many advertisers are hesitant and not sure how it will come across to advertise in these corona days.

But here’s the thing – in such crazy times it’s as true as ever to be there with a clear message to your audience. People are isolated, consuming content more than ever – what else is there for them to do? Be where they’re.

It’s a question of how not if.

How? I’m glad you asked

1. Shift away from performance

It’s a long term game; invest in future results, build your brand equity. According to the latest IAB research on the topic:

The majority (63%) of advertisers are adjusting their messaging and are increasing:

  1. Mission-based marketing (+42%)

  2. Cause-related marketing (+41%)

2. Put an emphasis on audio advertising


Audio is ideal as it’s emotional and it resonates. As Gimlet’s Alex Bloomberg says “audio is the most honest medium. You can hear honesty in a way that you can’t really read or see”.

70% of People remember brands and products from digital audio ads.

Radio consumption is decreasing as people aren’t commuting – these are fantastic time to leverage programmatic audio opportunities such as podcasts, streaming and publications providing a listening experience

3. Target wisely

According to the IAB research, more than a third (35%) of advertisers are adjusting their in-market tactics, and are increasing audience targeting (+38%)

What’s wise targeting these days?

Incorporate news sites – people are hooked to the news, there’s a 57% rise in visits to news sites according to the NYT compared to this time last year.

Plus, you’d also be supporting reliable journalism thus helping the public avoid fake news and staying healthy.

I strongly believe now is the time to stand out. If you’d like to advertise via audio in leading news publications, don’t hesitate to give me a shout.

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