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Content Amplification FAQ

Updated: Nov 17, 2021

QuestionAnswerWhat is content amplificationContent amplification is a term used to describe the process of increasing your content’s impact through a wide variety of channels with the result of extending your audience reach and improving the interactions with your potential users.What are content amplification toolsContent amplification tools are technology-based platforms and widgets that help with content discovery and distribution. Some of them are subscription-based and some are free. Using content amplification tools will help you develop meaningful relationships with your target audience.What is a content amplification strategyA content amplification strategy is built from a number of techniques that help you deliver your content to the right users in the right form in order to maximize your results. Your content amplification strategy should be based on your audience preferences and behavior.How to amplify blog contentAmplifying your blog content can be extremely beneficial. Here are some examples of things you can do to amplify your blog content: add infographics, create videos, convert your post into a playable audio file. Use your amplified content on social media platforms to get discovered by your target audience.What are content amplification servicesContent amplification services are software platforms designed to help boost traffic and grow an online audience by leveraging digital amplification tools.What are the benefits of content amplificationThere are several benefits of content amplification that include:
  1. Extended exposure

  2. Optimizing for important ranking factors

  3. Encouraging engagementIncreased organic brand presenceHow to amplify content with audioThe best way to amplify content with audio is to transform text into lifelike speech. The end result is a simple audio player that reads the existing text in a highly natural voice. The entire process takes a few seconds and a few clicks to convert and further customize the player to seamlessly blend with the rest of the content without any disruption or negative impact to user experience.How to turn readers into listenersTurning readers into listeners is done by providing an audio version of the existing content through the use of a text-to-speech solution. It converts text to audio and has it read out in with a naturally-sounding voice via an audio player. ConTech (content technology) will further improve the listening experience and add more value by aggregating and recommending content for increased engagement.How can publishers amplify their contentPublishers can amplify their content in the following ways:

  4. being active on social media platforms

  5. publishing content on niche platforms and communities

  6. use a newsletter to promote content directly

  7. leverage relationships with influencers

  8. creating an audio version of the existing content via a text-to-speech solutionWhat is content reachContent reach refers to a total number of target audience users who have come across specific content on various platforms online. It is one of the metrics that shows how close a business is to its unique set of marketing objectives.What is audio growthAudio growth is the increase in the use of digital audio as a vital part of integrated media strategy in the digital content space. It’s best reflected in the rapid popularity of podcasts, but also flash briefings and audio articles. What are the types of audio contentAudio content is highly versatile, available in any length, topic, format, and frequency. Different types of audio content include:

  9. podcasts

  10. audiobooks

  11. online radio

  12. audio articles

  13. voice assistant-enabled content such as flash briefings, news updates, voice search queries and answers

  14. audio ads


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